Behind the scenes lovebirds

Congratulations to photographer Jay Jay Lucas and engagement stylist Feliz Diesto who just got engaged! Now it’s your turn to do the wedding preparations! 🙂

Click here for the blow by blow account of this wonderful day 🙂

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On Board: Mackie and Joanne

Travel bugs Mackie and Joanne have been all over the world together. In fact, they’ve been to so many countries that I’m not quite sure where else can they spend their honeymoon. So for the wedding, what better theme to have than travel of course.

So, one day, we booked our *flight* to the local air force museum, packed our bags (full of props and outfits), hopped on the plane (literally! good job joe!) and let master wedding photographer Oly Ruiz bring nostalgia in the air 🙂

Joe and Mac

Very Pearl Harbor

Traveling with style (love the vintage luggage!)
Cinematic 🙂

Isn't this perfect for a movie poster? or movie closing credits 🙂

Photographer: Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto (
Makeup: Pia Reyes for Lancome
Hair: Dave Lopez
Location: Villamor Air Force Museum