JL knows best …

What is it that will make you say you made the right choice?

When we arrived at the hotel for the makeup prep, I was surprised to see everything in order so early. The giveaways and entourage gifts were neatly aligned and labeled. The flowers, the invites, and other wedding stuff ready and just waiting to be photographed. I was about to commend her wedding planner when she smiled and said,

“My boyfriend did it.”

Enough said 🙂

pretty JL opted for airbrush makeup

... and her something blue polo 🙂

beautiful gown by Joel Escober

meet JL's super organized man

Makeup: Pia Reyes (using airbrush)
Hair: Dave Lopez
Designer: Joel Escober
Photographer: Dino Lara
Videographer: Bob Nicolas
Wedding planner: Lory Velasco