Melai and Jason

Probably one of the most fun and funniest weddings I’ve ever attended. We were practically laughing from preps to reception. I am blessed to be part of Melai and Jason’s journey from their Big Brother days to another chapter in their lives.

“Among those whom I like or admire, I can find no common denominator, but among those whom I love, I can- all of them make me laugh.” – W.H. Auden

Same day video edit by Notion in Motion

Prenup makeup artist: Diane Lorenzana
Prenup hairstylist: Mycke Arcano
Prenup stylist: Argie Salango
Art direction/prod design: Teamba Designs

Wedding makeup artist: Pia Reyes
Wedding hairstylist: Dave Lopez

*Wedding stills by Ryan Ortega to follow đŸ™‚


The Bride Who Wore Chucks On Her Day

Spraining her ankle two weeks before the wedding, the untimely blackout during our makeup test and other mishaps led Tin to entertain typical wedding superstitious beliefs. She’d often joke about blaming it on fitting her gown. But despite all the unexpected mishaps, she still managed to have her picture-perfect wedding. Not to mention the awesome customized beaded sneakers as a bonus on her big day.

Photo and Video : Wally Gonzales (
Makeup: Pia Reyes for Lancome
Hair: Dave Lopez

Mackie and Joanne

When it’s your good friend who’s getting married, you hold your breath harder, and you dread the walk in the aisle because you already know you’re going to cry or be captured in the videos sniffing all the tears in. But if your friend is marrying someone like Mackie, it’s a whole different experience *wink wink*. Love you both!

Church: Nuestra Senora de Gracia
Reception: Blue Leaf, McKinley
Photographer: Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto (
Videographer: Shierdan Pamintuan
Gown: Mila de Leon

Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez

Carlos and Mia

As the summer capital of the Philippines celebrated the annual Panagbenga (festival of flowers), the couple celebrated the continuous blooming of their friendship and love with their families and friends.

Baguio City
Designer: Puey Quinones
Photographer: Patrick Uy
Videographer: Jason Magbanua

Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez