Gel and Joel

Why do I love weddings? Easy, because it’s easy.

Love is in the air and you feel it the minute they smile at you when they open the door to the prep room. The brides are giddy (even the ones doing last minute vows). Grooms are sometimes prancing around. Family members are anxiously waiting for the bride.

And I get to say, “ok relax.. chin up.. walk slowly.. and smile,” before the doors open and she walks down the aisle.

That’s why most of the time, I need waterproof makeup more than the bride.

Here’s the beautiful couple and their beautiful day….

Photo / Video : Niceprint
2nd Photographer: Froi Rivera
Designer: JC Buendia
Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez


Jason and Mary Grace’s Sunshine on a Rainy Day

One of the worst fears of any bride on her special day is the bad weather. And because of our world’s not so perfect environmental condition, we don’t even know when it’s going to rain or not.

So what happens when it rains? You..

A) Get stressed and pass on the stress to your wedding coordinator (is stress management part of the package?).

B) Panic. (And let the photographers and videographers capture the lines on your face)

C) Do it the way Jason and Mary Grace did it: MAKE THE IMPERFECT, PERFECT.

Jason and Mary Grace were balls of sunshine on their wedding day despite the rain. For them, there was no reason to feel bad. They say it’s a blessing when it rains, so what the heck, bring it on!

Photographer JayJay and his crew were troopers themselves and braved the waters to capture the couple’s moments. When I go back and think of their wedding, I remember the smiles, the laughter and how we all had a good time. 🙂

“Even imperfection itself may have its ideal or perfect state.” Thomas de Quincey

May you both continue to bring sunshine to the people around you 🙂

Photographer: Jay Jay Lucas (
Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez

Mei’s post nup pics

I was in a TVC shoot when Mei approached me and asked if I could do her makeup for her upcoming post nup photo shoot. I love doing post nup shoots because there’s no stress, no time limit and the couple has nothing else to worry about. We can just have a steady day, do several options and bond over something Mei and I obsess over… MAKEUP!

The couple chose the beautiful Fernwood Gardens in Alabang as backdrop to their portraits.

Behind the lens is Wally Gonzales..

.. who captured the newly-weds’ after glow 🙂

Goodluck Mei! Can’t wait to work with you again, whether another TVC, or your very own makeup gig!

Designer: Richie Ortega-Torres
Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez

JL knows best …

What is it that will make you say you made the right choice?

When we arrived at the hotel for the makeup prep, I was surprised to see everything in order so early. The giveaways and entourage gifts were neatly aligned and labeled. The flowers, the invites, and other wedding stuff ready and just waiting to be photographed. I was about to commend her wedding planner when she smiled and said,

“My boyfriend did it.”

Enough said 🙂

pretty JL opted for airbrush makeup

... and her something blue polo 🙂

beautiful gown by Joel Escober

meet JL's super organized man

Makeup: Pia Reyes (using airbrush)
Hair: Dave Lopez
Designer: Joel Escober
Photographer: Dino Lara
Videographer: Bob Nicolas
Wedding planner: Lory Velasco

On Board: Mackie and Joanne

Travel bugs Mackie and Joanne have been all over the world together. In fact, they’ve been to so many countries that I’m not quite sure where else can they spend their honeymoon. So for the wedding, what better theme to have than travel of course.

So, one day, we booked our *flight* to the local air force museum, packed our bags (full of props and outfits), hopped on the plane (literally! good job joe!) and let master wedding photographer Oly Ruiz bring nostalgia in the air 🙂

Joe and Mac

Very Pearl Harbor

Traveling with style (love the vintage luggage!)
Cinematic 🙂

Isn't this perfect for a movie poster? or movie closing credits 🙂

Photographer: Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto (
Makeup: Pia Reyes for Lancome
Hair: Dave Lopez
Location: Villamor Air Force Museum

Mackie and Joanne

When it’s your good friend who’s getting married, you hold your breath harder, and you dread the walk in the aisle because you already know you’re going to cry or be captured in the videos sniffing all the tears in. But if your friend is marrying someone like Mackie, it’s a whole different experience *wink wink*. Love you both!

Church: Nuestra Senora de Gracia
Reception: Blue Leaf, McKinley
Photographer: Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto (
Videographer: Shierdan Pamintuan
Gown: Mila de Leon

Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez

Carlos and Mia

As the summer capital of the Philippines celebrated the annual Panagbenga (festival of flowers), the couple celebrated the continuous blooming of their friendship and love with their families and friends.

Baguio City
Designer: Puey Quinones
Photographer: Patrick Uy
Videographer: Jason Magbanua

Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez