Don and Aileen – Finally!

I was 10 when I first met Aileen and we both wanted to be nuns (she started it haha). She was my full banged friend I had a lot of sleepovers and adventures with. When we grew up, we outgrew our impossible ambitions, had different set of friends and lost touch.

But after college, we managed to see each other at random nightouts and each time, we would always catch up like we were still in 4th grade. One time we talked about work, she suggested that I try this position at Bench that eventually opened my eyes to the fashion industry. Part of my work entailed organizing shoots that led me to discover my hidden love for makeup. That’s also where I met my mentor Krist Bansuelo.

We lost touch again for years. The next thing I knew, she was calling me and was already preparing for her church wedding with Don.

I’ve had several save the date and pre nup shoots, but theirs was just extra special. From the team, concept, down to each prop used for the shoot – everything was well thought of, planned and executed perfectly.

She introduced me to one of my favorite videographers, John de Guzman, whose style is always artistic and never cheesy. Very Don and Aileen.

I honestly think that we meet certain people for a reason. I met Aileen though for more than a dozen reasons. So thank you, thank you Aileen!

Photo : Mango Red ( )
Video: John De Guzman ( )
Makeup: Pia Reyes
Hair: Dave Lopez